The easiest way to request and share Supplier information.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and word processing documents and say hello to beautifully designed browser based forms. Capture Data Easily with a secure password protected smart link.

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Go Digital

Save time and money while, driving increased
value for businesses of all types and sizes,
from SMB to enterprise..

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Create a digital twin of your existing supplier setup forms quickly and easily with no coding required. Our team can help you build your form. It is all part of the service..

We’re taking security seriously

Built on AWS you can choose which data region your data is stored either in Europe or the USA. Data is encrypted during transit and at rest. HIPAA compliant. We have SOC 2 Type 2 certifcation..


Supplier Setup Time Decreased 80%

Simplify your Supplier Setup process and see an ROI in 3 month. Our intuitive platform makes any complex supplier setup process a breeze. Simplify your supplier setup processes securely and get back to what you do best

Used by governments

We are GDPR compliant

A proven tool for University supplier onboarding and supplier management

Custom branded URL’s and add your company logo to your forms

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Supplier Setup Designed for Mutual Success. The platform untangles the onboarding process and lets everyone win together. Buyer and Supplier!

Audit Log

Complete with audit log and team approval processes built in.

Supplier Scorecard

Automate work, innovate faster,

No Code

Ease of use meets quality - A user- friendly interface makes it easy to create and manage supplier setup forms to improve the supplier onboarding experience.

Secure data storage

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Even we can't see the data.

Create Singable Forms

Centralised Dashboard of suppliers, sort and search.


Data chaos & reduce Human error

With digital forms, supplier scorecards and built in the cloud this has been a fantastic addition to both our office team and our remote team.
One platform with limitless potential, it is everything we need to accelerate our digital work and digital transformation

My top priority right now is…


Managing supplier setup operations more efficient.

Romi Jensen
- Founder

Getting better control of supplier setup processes at scale.

Johny Stock

Replacing paper based processes we’ve outgrown.

Leeny Biton
- Manager

Understanding all my options for digital Remove this text transformation.

Jensen Rom
- Ceo